August 27, 2008

Our New Logo!

Isn't the logo above beautiful? I'm so grateful to talented Julie Paschkis for allowing us to use her work. Gracias, Julie. Savor her many talents at I'm also grateful to my friends at The Seattle Public Library who showed me the work Julie had created for Seattle's 2007 Summer Reading Program.

I like the way these two girls are connected as they read. That's such a deep wish for a writer, connecting with those I may never meet and hoping my book can connect others: sisters to sisters, friends to friends, teachers to students, librarians to patrons, parents to children, etc.

Information about me and my books is available on my web site which we recently updated. This blog, though, is for creating a community of bookjoy sharers. Are you one? Do you love to read and enjoy talking about books? With whom do you do this and how?

Fall is in the air here in Santa Fe. It's my favorite season in this high desert country. I'm finishing a manuscript and gearing up to start a new one.

What do you, my fellow book lovers, look forward to this fall?

Wishing you peace and good health.