November 11, 2010

15 Día Nuggets: #2 Funders and Partners

If you visit this blog or my web site, you know that April 2011, we’re celebrating Día’s 15th Anniversary. My web team and I were so pleased at comments about our first Díapalooza last April that we’re having a second Díapalooza in 2011. To assist those of you planning Día celebrations at your schools, libraries, etc., we’re sharing 15 Día Nuggets, 15 lists of 15 items to assist you in your planning. This list is the second Día Nugget. We’ll post the Nuggets on this blog periodically and archive them on my site as we do the Día Dynamos. During Díapalooza, we’ll showcase the 15 Día Dynamos, 15 Mora Award winners and the 15 Día Nuggets, etc. Send us your I-días!

15 Día Nuggets for Día’s 15th Anniversary
#2 Possible Funders and Partners for Your Día Celebration

1. Foundations, corporations, banks
2. Local businesses and food stores
3. Media: newspapers, including those in languages other than English, TV and radio, especially public stations
4. Churches, synagogues, mosques, and other faith-based communities
5. Service organizations: Lions, Kiwanis, Rotary, United Way etc.
6. Book stores: independents and chains
7. Youth organizations: Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts, Boys/Girls Clubs, YMCA/YWCA, etc.
8. State and regional chapters of REFORMA, IRA, NAEYC, NCTE
9. Children’s museums, community, and cultural centers
10. Childcare centers, Head Start, Even Start, after school programs
11. Health centers/organizations, WIC, physicians, dentists
12. Departments of Parks and Recreation; Police and Fire Departments
13. Parent organizations, Library Friends groups
14. Professional and Amateur Sports teams
15. State and local governmental offices: Governor, Mayor, Children’s Services

Thanks for joining Día’s National Community & sharing bookjoy!
Good Luck! Pat Mora

Click here to download a pdf of available Día Nuggets.

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