July 21, 2011

Día’s 15th Anniversary Celebration at ALA

How I wish that the many Día supporters across the country could have been with us for the Día celebration session at ALA’s annual conference in New Orleans last month. Below you’ll see the delicious cake. My thanks to ALSC, and particularly Linda Mays, for arranging for the cake and music. The group cutting the cake -- Lucia Gonzalez, Jeanette Larson, Pat Mora, Cynthia Richey, and Oralia Garza de Cortes -- were all part of the panel. It was such a pleasure to hear each contribute so eloquently to describing Día’s journey.

L to R: Lucia Gonzalez, Jeanette Larson, Pat Mora,
 Cynthia Richey, Oralia Garza de Cortes

Celebrations can allow us to reflect on past successes and to unite in our vision for the future. I spoke of the sunflower, indigenous to Mexico and filling the air with its yellow exuberance, as a good symbol for Día. I hope you’ll print this booklet that includes my vision for Día’s future, many Nuggets or hints for planning your Día year, and 30 reflections on Día’s important work.

I wish our literacy challenges received the kind of attention that sports events and celebrities receive. They don’t. Our children are this nation’s future, though, and thousands of children need literacy advocates to creatively link all children to books, languages and cultures. Join us!

Pat and her friend and web manager Laurina Cashin at
Dia's 15th  Anniversary Celebration, ALA New Orleans, 2011.

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