August 26, 2011

New Translation

An Arabic edition of Book Fiesta! Celebrate Children’s Day/ Book Day • Celebremos El día de los niños/ El día de los libros is now available. It’s published by Kalimat Publishing and Distribution and the ISBN is 978-9948-16-075-5.

Did you know that several of Pat's titles are available in languages other than Spanish? Try these:

The Night the Moon Fell -- also available in Korean, Bluebirdchild Publishing, ISBN 89-7057-645-2

Race of Toad and Deer -- also available in Korean, Glendoman, ISBN 89-517-2093-4

Song of Francis and the Animals -- also available in Korean, Nexus Junior

Tomás and the Library Lady -- also available in Japanese, Hiroyuki Fujiwara

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