December 8, 2011

The Gift of Poetry

Gift Tag is the third poetry e-book compiled and edited by Sylvia Vardell and Janet Wong. These poetry anthologies feature poems by many well-known contemporary poets and Pat has poems included in Poetry Tag Time and Gift Tag.

Gifts and giving is the theme chosen for Gift Tag. Photos (taken by Sylvia Vardell) served as prompts for each poem and each poet also wrote a “connection” piece explaining how the poem came to be.

Here's Pat's photo:

Here's her "connection:"

"Want to write a gift poem?" Sure, I thought, remembering the Christmas the electricity stopped. "Please, choose from our holiday photos." Oh, no! I sighed. I scrolled and scrolled. Then, there they were. FISH! Curling and furling. Serendipity.

… and here’s the poem she wrote.

Flying Fish
by Pat Mora
"Snow! Snow!" whisper
my sisters. Yea! But, oh!
Did our goldfish fly
over trees and roofs
in Santa's frosted sled?
We run through the cold
house. Our fish swirl
cozy by the fire. Magic.
Two wishes: snow
and fishes.

Visit the Poetry Tag Time website and learn more about each e-book.

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The Mom Quiz said...

"Two wishes: snow and fishes"--what a wonderful Christmas chant this could be for many, many children!