February 10, 2012

El día del amor y la amistad

My favorite translation of Valentine’s Day in Spanish is El día del amor y la amistad, love and friendship day. Doesn’t the addition of friendship make the red-heart-and-sweets-day even more special? Friends have always been an important part of my life: when I was growing up in El Paso, when I taught, and when I was a university administrator. I’m too private to be a Facebook person, but now that I work at home, through phone and e-mail, in addition to my family and long-time friends, I have amigas and amigos who are book friends: authors, illustrators, librarians, educators, members of the publishing world, and my special Día buddies who promote bookjoy all year long. May we cherish those who help us laugh and who believe in us.

photo credit: misfitsalon.blogspot.com

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BPW said...

Happy Valentine's Day to you too, Amiga! :) bpw