February 16, 2012

A Letter to Child Readers

Each year Pat writes a letter to her young readers. You can read this year's letter below and earlier letters are archived on Pat's website.  Teachers, feel free to use this letter for Author Studies or other language arts activities.

Dear Girls and Boys,

Are you patient? I’m not. Right now, far away from me, illustrators are working on art for some of my new books. I can’t wait to see the sketches, and I can’t wait to hold the finished books in my hands. I always have to wait years for that special moment. I don’t get to talk to the illustrators ahead and sometimes I never meet them. I sure like to though.

What do you like to do best: write or draw? Maybe you can do both, or maybe you do the writing and your friend or brother or sister or cousin can illustrate your words. It’s fun to make your own books at school, the library and at home.

I’m a writer because I’m a reader. I love to read! Do you know how important being a good reader is? It helps you in all your classes, it helps you be a good writer, and reading is fun. If you’re not a good reader now, start practicing. Read every day—for you. Find books about the things you like—horses, bugs, bikes—and read about them. Then you can write your own new book and share it with your family, teacher or friend.

My next book, THE BEAUTIFUL LADY: LA SEÑORA DE GUDALUPE will be out at this time next year. It’s an old story about a special lady who years ago appeared on a hill in Mexico. I can’t wait to see it! As always, I’m busy working on new books too.

I hope you’ll visit my website and see all my books and even some family photos. You can write and tell me what you liked.

Your reading friend,

Pat Mora

 2012: 20th Anniversary

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I've shared this on mylatinitas.com, hopefully you receive some enthusiastic letters!

Link: http://mylatinitas.com/profiles/blogs/a-letter-to-child-readers