April 6, 2010

Comments Contest

Everyone who comments this week on any Diapalooza post thus far will have a chance to win a signed copy of Pat's Book Fiesta! or posters from Tricycle Press featuring Día. It's easy to comment -- just click the word "comments" at the end of a post. We'd love to hear from you!

Many thanks  to HarperCollins and Tricycle Press for their support of Día and our Díapalooza.


Katie said...

Book Fiesta is beautiful, and one of my very favorite books. I am so glad it won the Pura Belpre , which I predicted on my blog when it came out, by the way! We will be reading it as our opening book for our Día celebration at the Village Branch Library in Lexington, KY this May 1. I have to share that my favorite part of this book is the page toward the end that must be turned around to be read. This, coupled with the hidden English and Spanish words in the smoke drifting up into the night sky, makes a powerful print awareness moment. I love it!

amandaef said...

Love Book Fiesta....and the illustrations add so much as well! :)