April 8, 2010

Día in San Francisco

Gazel Valdez, Event Coordinator for Día de los Niños/Día de Los Libros in San Francisco sent us this post and photos. The San Francisco Public Library was a 2009 Mora Award winner.

The pictures are a mix from previous Día de los Niños/Día de Los Libros celebrations. The quotes came from participating parents that we talk to during past events as well as written feedback they gave us, and do not refer to the adjacent image. The performances represented are, The Magical Moonshine Theatre and a local Aztec dance group, Danza Xitlalli.
“My children ran around, watched the performers, listened to storytellers and did a bunch of activities. We all had a great time. This is our third year and the events get better and better every year!”

We promote literacy throughout the year by providing children with high quality, multicultural, English and Bilingual take-home books, bookmarks and posters highlighting the message that sharing and reading books is important, fun and a great way to explore the world’s many wonders. All while ensuring a lifetime of learning!

“I now read everyday with my baby. I learned that singing, playing games and talking are all good activities”.

“Gusta que su papa le lea porque hace diferentes sonidos y movimientos con el cuerpo”.

“I love everything but the free book is fantastic!”

Having parents in mind, we continue to provide an inviting, festive, relaxed, safe and well-coordinated space for them to be engaged with their children in high quality fun activities. While highlighting the importance of reading to their children we provide tools and ideas that parents can easily replicate daily at home.

Thanks to our guest blogger Gazel Valdez, Event Coordinator, for Día San Francisco.

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Donna said...

Keeping up with the Dia posts on the blog are inspiring me for our own library's celebration this month. Especially seeing the quotes from parents at the San Francisco Dia, makes me know that we are all doing something very worthwhile.