April 23, 2010

TLA Supports Día

El Día de los niños, El Día de los libros really embodies all of things libraries stand for: literacy, diversity, sharing, and a celebration of learning. The fact that Día reaches out to children and families makes it a powerful framework for advancing education while promoting a love of the wonderful languages and cultures that make us – and our communities – vital and unique.

In Texas, we heartily encourage all of our libraries to participate in this important event and to celebrate multicultural literacy all year long! We have several ways of recognizing libraries that conduct Día programming through out PR Branding Iron Awards and through applications for Texas Book Festival Literacy Grants.

To check out some great tips for holding Día programs, go to the Texas State Library website.  Here are a couple of my favorite pictures from Día celebrations here in Austin.

Thanks to our guest blogger Gloria Meraz, Director of Communications at the Texas Library Association.

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