April 8, 2011

15 Día Nuggets: #12 Día Literacy Games

To assist those of you planning Día celebrations at your schools, libraries, etc., we’re sharing 15 Día Nuggets, 15 lists of 15 items to assist you in your planning. This month during our second Díapalooza, we’ll finish with Nuggets 11, 12, and 13; showcase the 15 Día Dynamos, and share Bookjoy quotes from kids, our final Nugget.

All 15 Nuggets are available as completed on Pat's web site, individually and as a single downloadable packet.

15 Día Nuggets for Día’s 15th Anniversary
#12 Día Literacy Games

Winners receive books, of course.

1. Book Bingo
2. Book games based on games from other countries such as a book lotería
3. Book Walk rather than Cake Walk
4. Piñata celebration adding a book connection
5. Charades using book titles or familiar book characters
6. Día–themed word search or crossword puzzles
7. Book-themed scavenger/treasure hunt
8. Matching games using book covers
9. Name the Story or Name the Character based on a series of clues or from passages from various books
10. Snag a Book: game using an extended grabber for book prizes
11. Who’s the Villain: (safe) dart game in which the target is a picture of different “villains” in children’s books
12. Name the Famous Characters: identify children’s book characters on a poster
13. Wheel of Fortune with book connection: Land on a villain and lose points
14. Tape Your Book in the Book Return: like Pin the Tail on the Donkey but blind-folded children tape the book cover they created on a book return image
15. Timed word-making contest: Children and families race to make as many words as possible from Book Fiesta! Celebrate Children's Day, Book Day/ Celebremos El día de los niños, El día de los libros

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