April 27, 2011

15 Día Nuggets: #13 Pat's Vision for Día's Future

15 Día Nuggets for Día’s 15th Anniversary
#13 Pat’s Vision for Día’s Future

In April 2016, the 20th Anniversary of El día de los niños / El día de los libros, Children’s Day / Book Day (Día), literacy advocates committed to sharing bookjoy will celebrate reaching these 15 goals.

1. Like Mother’s Day (May) and Father’s Day (June), Children’s Day/Book Day (April), becomes a national tradition.

2. Día is included on annual library, school and literacy calendars.

3. Educators (teachers, librarians, professors, administrators, those involved in informal education at museums, community agencies) partner enthusiastically with diverse families as literacy advocates throughout the year.

4. Educators and families diversify their library collections to reflect America’s rich cultural reality.

5. State library associations, state libraries, school districts, teacher and librarian preparation programs, and community agencies promote and support Día’s development on an annual basis.

6. The number of Día celebrations in schools, libraries and community centers grows steadily, celebrations that are truly culminating literacy celebrations of a daily commitment to link all children to books, languages and cultures.

7. Distributing free books to build home libraries is a popular component of community-based Día celebrations.

8. Middle schools celebrate El día de los jovenes, Teen or Young People’s Day, which can include middle schoolers as literacy mentors.

9. Realizing the relevance of Día to their educational mission, colleges and universities create service projects with Día, a literacy tradition, as a theme.

10. Publishers join the Día parade by designing Día materials and supporting Día’s goal of promoting reading.

11. ALA/ALSC, Día’s home, creatively increases Día’s national visibility and secures national funding for Día.

12. To ensure Día’s growth, influence and effectiveness, ALA/ALSC creates a strategic National Día Advisory Committee that includes ALSC, other youth and family-serving ALA divisions, REFORMA, Día’s founder, NCTE and other national literacy partner organizations, and media and corporate representatives.

13. Día increases the visibility and membership of REFORMA, the National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking, Pat’s first organizational partner.

14. All who believe in Día’s goals of celebrating children and sharing bookjoy become bold advocates in the National Día Community creating partnerships and networks to increase Día’s impact.

15. Día strengthens and unifies America’s communities by growing a nation of reading families, essential in a democracy.

One Nugget remains! At the end of this week all 15 Nuggets and 30 Reflections will be available as a single pdf for downloading.

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