April 23, 2011

D I A Spells Día

Two Día Dynamos are Laurina Cashin and Bobbie Combs who are my web team. They also generously donate some of their time to help me promote Día. At the beginning of the year, I received a package in the mail from my team. I opened it slowly and stared at the three letters below. Being a bit dense, I first arranged the beautiful letters decorated with art from BOOK FIESTA as A I D. Oh yes, thought I, Laurina and Bobbie do aid me. Very sweet. As I looked more carefully at Rafael López' art, I suddenly thought, OH! The letters spell Día. I was stunned at all the work and at the thoughtfulness. I then spotted the message, "For our friend Pat in honor of Día's 15th Anniversary." How sweet is that?

* Letters were created from a f & g of Book Fiesta!

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