April 29, 2011

15 Día Nuggets: #15 Bookjoy Quotes

Our last Día Nugget -- enjoy!

15 Día Nuggets for Día’s 15th Anniversary
#15 Bookjoy Quotes

1. I think its fun to read a dog story to my dog. Katelyn, 8

2. I love reading because it is so relaxing. Kyra, 7

3. I love to read because I enjoy getting lost in stories. It takes me away from reality for a while, and that is truly a blessing! Jean, 45

4. My books are portable and can go anywhere - the biggest benefit of all is you can read them as many times as you like! Kermit, 72

5. I am happy when the story isn’t scary. Julia, 3

6. Bookjoy (or the pleasure of reading) means turning off the outside world and escaping into a universe that I choose. Karen, 45

7. I like reading cause you get to read cool books and learn cool things. Paige, 9

8. MY favorite time to read is after everyone has gone to bed -- a good book can take me to places of adventure - of peace - of beauty - I'm only limited by my own imagination. What a great way to end the day! Diana, 50

9. I like to read because I get smart. Keane, 5

10. Well, reading is how you hear about interesting stuff. Gavin, 7

11. Reading is fun because it brings me to a whole new world. John, 10

12. I love (she drew a heart) books because there are adventures and magic and fantasy and I feel like it is happening right in front of me! Lucie, 9

13. I like books because you get captured in the book. Sam, 9

14. I love reading because if helps me with my writing and gets my imagination flowing. Drew, 16

15. Because I like to pretend I'm a librarian. Lauren, 5

All 15 Nuggets are archived and also available as a downloadable pdf.

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