April 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Dia!

Today I am at the Valencia Library in Tucson. My thanks to ALSC that sponsored my visit to the city in which the Día idea came to me. I remember the moment at the University of Arizona campus so clearly and remember the support of my Latino University of Arizona friends, many members of REFORMA, who quickly supported the idea.

Deep thanks to all the Día supporters around the country who have worked so hard this month to share bookjoy with America's diverse families and children. A special thanks to my web team, Laurina Cashin and Bobbie Combs, Día Dynamos who have worked tirelessly on our blog Díapalooza and who have helped produce Idea Booklet for a Día Year. We hope you will print and read this pdf and put it in your Día file to assist you in your Día planning for next year.

Let's celebrate niños y libros, children and books, throughout the year!

Click here for the full Visual History of Día

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